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About Us

Building trust and relationships

Askaan Consulting is at the forefront of higher education marketing, recruitment, and student enrolment. We have been a reliable solutions specialist to our partner institutions. Askaan Consulting aims be your premier resource for student recruitment and marketing management needs. We work directly with our partner education providers' admissions officers to identify the best students for their study program and we help them engage with only the most qualified applicants.
Askaan Consulting is a multinational student recruitment agency located in six countries. The head office is based in Sydney, Australia.
Our mission is to match prospective students with the right education providers so that the career objectives of students and education providers are met.
Our multilingual approach offers the best reach to the education providers and accurate information to the students in their first language. 
Students trust Askaan Consulting because our partner schools and programs appear organically in their search results, and schools rely on us because our team of international specialists is always working to strengthen and develop the innovations that provide the ideal marketing and enrolment solutions.
At Askaan Consulting, our passion for international higher education forms the core of our commitment to finding the right solutions to your needs, and we are excited to be alongside your school as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving sector of global higher education.